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There are many ways to help and we thank you for taking action through any means. You can help start a campaign in your community, volunteer your time, or simply make a donation. They all help make a difference for those battling a mental illness.


Every donation goes towards someone battling a mental illness. You can help right now.

By partnering with select foundations and entities that offer innovative outcome-based programs, EHF can help pinpoint solutions for those suffering from a mental illness. We not only find these programs, but also work to enact meaningful change by bridging the gap between insurance providers and the high costs of mental health facilities.
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Start a Campaign

Do your own ideas on how to help raise funds? Working together, we can help others combat mental illnesses.

Start a campaign and bring a community together as we help tackle the challenges that come with mental illnesses. We fight to give hope to those in need. Contact us today about your ideas and we can help you get started.


Be the change that you want to see in the world. By volunteering, you can provide a direct impact in our fight to help those with mental illness.

As a volunteer, your efforts directly impact our cause. Whether it is volunteering at one of our many community initiatives or building awareness of the issues many people face, your efforts directly impact not only EHF but the world.

Take Action

You can make a difference. The Engalla Hope Foundation will look to select partner organizations to deliver outcome-based solutions and services

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