Our Story

How It Started

The Engalla Hope Foundation (EHF) was founded by our family, after struggling with Schizophrenia for over a decade. Our son and brother, Brett, was diagnosed with schizophrenia eleven years ago.

We were a “normal” family, husband, wife, four kids, good in school, involved with after-school activities, lots of “goals” for our kids. What we thought were developmental “gaps” were early signs of schizophrenia. By the time Brett was 18, our hope for a productive life vanished. We had lost our son to something else we did not understand.

Years of loneliness, confusion, disenfranchisement, and desperation, we were going nowhere and losing hope. In and out of hospitals, disabled, Brett’s life was being discarded, by society. Even worse, he was being discarded by us, sent to a group-home, because he could no longer live safely with us.

We discovered “tiers” of solutions for families that live with schizophrenia. The best was not attainable for most, we generalized our experiences into the following categories

Intensive therapy, followed by sustainable living accomodations Sustainable living with onsite clinicians to ensure medical compliance Group homes with limited therapy, and limited ability to support medical compliance Your home (where distinctions are drawn between “normal” and delusional - more on this later) Homelessness (needs no explanation) Jail

The first two were not options for us. That left us with the remaining options, and other than homelessness, we experienced them. They were not adequate in treating our son. Still lonely, confused, disenfranchised, and desperate, we needed to find a better solution.

Our Mission

To provide hope and recovery through treatment and housing services offered by select partners for individuals suffering from schizophrenia

There are pockets of great solutions in Texas, in the United States, and around the world. EHF will work with select organizations globally to scale innovative outcome-based programs, in hopes of offering the best effective services at affordable prices.

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You can make a difference. The Engalla Hope Foundation will look to select partner organizations to deliver outcome-based solutions and services

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