What We Do

We provide housing and treatment scholarships to individuals and families suffering from mental illnesses.

Provide hope and recovery

EHF will provide funding so that families can have hope for recovery or sustainability from organizations that specialize in schizophrenia

Effective programs are not cheap. More is needed to make a difference. In general, insurance provides 10 days of inpatient and 21 days of outpatient coverage. More is needed. For states such as Texas, you get SSI and Medicaid. That’s where EHF and you can make a difference. Our government / tax sponsored mechanisms are not working. We as concerned families can make a difference by organizing charity events and donating funds to provide hope and recovery.

Partner with select organizations

EHF will partner with select organizations that focus on schizophrenia therapy treatment and housing services

In our experience, schizophrenia is treated primarily through medicine, or psychotropics. An attempt at therapy is tried with every M.D. visit, but it requires an element of acceptance before recovery. It is not uncommon for individuals with schizophrenia to believe they have no disease. So therapy appeared futile in time and money. We relied more on psychotropics, and to date, none have worked. In over a decade, not one day has passed where auditory or visual hallucinations have not occured.

The Mental Health Co-Op introduced us to Cognitive Enhancement Therapy and to some extent, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. “Our staff will continually reinforce and redirect them toward reality”. “We teach them to listen to their voices to understand and learn from them”. Individuals learn to live and accept their disease so that they can live their life, not to be felt as discarded, a “new normal”, with a focus toward sustainable living. Some are able to move on toward independent living, others may require more structured, dependent living as a safe place to grow.


Find and scale innovative lower-cost outcome-based quality programs

There are pockets of great solutions in Texas, in the United States, and around the world. EHF will work with select organizations globally to scale innovative outcome-based programs, in hopes of offering the best effective services at affordable prices.

Take Action

You can make a difference. The Engalla Hope Foundation will look to select partner organizations to deliver outcome-based solutions and services

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