Our Mission

To provide hope and recovery through treatment and housing services offered by select partners for individuals suffering from mental illnesses

Schizophrenia can be found in approximately 1.1% of the world’s population

Challenges & Solutions

According to the Schizophrenia and Related Disorders Alliance of America (SARDAA), schizophrenia can be found in approximately 1.1% of the world’s population, regardless of racial, ethnic or economic background. 1% of Greater Houston is over 70,000 people that might have this ravaging disease. These people, along with their families are lonely, confused, disenfranchised, and desperate.

The Engalla Hope Foundation (EHF) has a goal of making a difference for these families. Our goal is to help 1000 families with schizophrenia, providing them with best-in-class treatment and housing services. EHF will partner with the Mental Health Co-Op of Houston, to provide best-in-class treatment and housing services. The Mental Health Co-Op brings a “new normal” to the lives of individuals with this disease. We can no longer treat individuals with schizophrenia as discarded or helpless, and expect it to not affect us. Watch the news. We need to mobilize and make a difference.

Help Us Houston

This is a multi-year journey that starts with helping 100 people this year. Best-in-class treatment and housing that makes a difference costs over $50,000 per year, per individual. Engalla Hope Foundation is looking for $5M in donations to make a difference for Houston.

Our Story

We were a “normal” family, husband, wife, four kids, good in school, involved with after-school activities, lots of “goals” for our kids. What we thought were developmental “gaps” were early signs of schizophrenia. By the time Brett was 18, our hope for a productive life vanished. We had lost our son to something else we did not understand.

Take Action

You can make a difference. The Engalla Hope Foundation will look to select partner organizations to deliver outcome-based solutions and services